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Attention all iPhone users!

Now this is cool. Here’s a way for you to use your iPhone to record stable, better sounding video. If you’re like me and you don’t have an iPhone, it’s things like this that could prompt you to make the jump when your current phone contract expires.

I’m talking about the OWLE — the OWLE Bubo to be specific. The OWLE is an external attachment for your iPhone that functions as a camera mount.

Original image here:

You just pop your iPhone into the back and voila, you’ve now got a highly functional, much-easier-to-hold video camera, complete with external mic, adjustable outer lens and monopod/tripod mounts.

And the best part: it’s only $130!

For just a little more, you can also get accessories for your OWLE, like a shotgun mic and a light…

(If you’re interested in buying, click here.)

Taz Goldstein, founder of Handheld Hollywood, did a pretty good review of the OWLE last year that includes some sample footage.

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