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A Backpack Journalist’s Dream Come True? A Look at The JVC GY-HM100U

The days of tape-based video cameras and real-time digitizing are numbered. Now, it’s all about the memory card.

The JVC GY-HM100U is a nice little camera that records directly to SDHC cards (it has slots for 2).

Despite its small size (weighing in at just over 3 lbs), this camera packs a professional punch. It shoots in HD up to 1080P and comes complete with XLR mic inputs for professional level sound.

If you’re a Final Cut user, imagine adding to that the ability to record directly to QuickTime movie format. Picture an editing workflow of drag and drop replacing the headache of log and capture. Would that sweeten the deal? Well the JVC does just that.

The camera also stores files in MP4 format for use with other non-linear editing systems.

Here’s a helpful review of the camera, complete with test footage, from London-based director and filmmaker Philip Bloom.

Video journalist Glen Canning’s review is also worth checking out.

After extensive research, I finally got mine and am excited to put it to use.  At nearly $2,800, it’s a bit of an investment (both for newsrooms and individuals), but the ease of post-production should help make it worth it.

Check back soon for the results of my test runs…

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  1. Thanks for the info

  2. The JVC GY-HM100U camera looks so cool. It streamlines the video operation magnificently. And being able to record directly to a QuickTime movie format is such a bonus. QuickTime is the native language of Final Cut Pro, which I use to edit my video productions. I’m anxious to see the reviews posted of this camera. It appears to be a “can’t miss” purchase and will definitely be a very popular item for video journalists and movie-makers!


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