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Panoramas on Your iPhone!

If you’re an iPhone user looking for a quick and easy way to create a panorama, Pano is your answer.

The app from Debacle Software allows you to create a 360 degree panoramic image using up to 16 photos. It also has a guide to help you line up your shots.

Pano is available onĀ Apple’s App Store for just $2.99. Apple named Pano one of the best apps of last year.

The panoramas save directly to your iPhone’s camera roll. The program can also be used on the iPad and iPod touch.

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  1. William White

     /  October 26, 2010

    So after reading this post I was really interested to see first-hand how well this app worked. After downloading I immediately tried taking a 360 picture of the room that I was in. Let’s just say that didn’t come out too well…..but….it was because I had to set the way I was holding the phone (vertical/horizontal). After reading through the help and tips I was able to get it right the second time and was quite impressed with the outcome. For an IPhone app it really is able to do its job quite well. I will say getting those angles right as you go to the next shot is probably the most difficult part as you are lining up the same object(s) from different perspectives. Overall, I think this app is really great. Thank you for the recommendation.


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