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Evernote: Keeping Your Notes in One Place

Throw away your old Post-it pads and ratty notebooks. Forget about Gmail-ing yourself scattered links and creating random desktop folders. Evernote is a free Web portal that can help you consolidate all the things you need to refer back to and remember in one handy, easily-accessible place.

Just download Evernote and register a username, and you’ll soon be able to access your account anywhere, even on your phone or on another computer through the Web.

You can create notes and to-do lists, store web pages, PDFs and other files, and use Evernote on your phone to take text or audio notes, or snap and save photos. You can also store tweets by connecting your Evernote and Twitter accounts, or install the Evernote Web Clipper for your browser, making it easy to save content using the Evernote icon on the toolbar.

And any content you add to Evernote is easily searchable. Evernote even recognizes words that appear in your images!

If you’re working on a story or project that requires extensive research, Evernote could prove an ideal assistant. Some authors have even used Evernote to write their books.

Evernote also offers a premium version. For just $5 a month (or $45 if you buy for the year), Evernote Premium supports more file types (including Microsoft Office documents and video), expands your upload capacity and provides enhanced security. The company says you also get PDF searching, faster image recognition and no ads. And Evernote Premium opens the possibility for collaboration by enabling users to allow others to edit their notes.

Check out the Evernote blog for more ways to use Evernote.

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