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Create a Web Page Library with Instapaper

It’s the plight of many journalists and other news junkies. You’re constantly scouring┬áthe Web for information, but you don’t always have time to read through every article. Enter Instapaper.

Instapaper is a tool that allows you to save web pages to read them later. The great part is you don’t have to use a computer to access the service. You can also get it on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or e-book reader.

And once an article is downloaded, you don’t even have to be online to see it. That means you can read it anytime, anywhere, even on the subway or a plane (without paying for Wi-Fi).

The Instapaper iPhone app saves a text-only version of most pages, which the developer says is optimized for readability on the iPhone and iPad screens.

Using Instapaper’s “Read Later” bookmark option for your browser, you can quickly and easily save any page you find. You can also forward emails to your Instapaper account.

The developer says there’s no limit to how many web pages you can store and your archive is kept indefinitely. The free Instapaper iPhone app, however, is restricted to holding just 10 articles at a time. If you splurge for the pro version (just $4.99), you get more storage space and adjustable reading features, including changeable text size and font, and an optional night reading mode.

TIP: When using Instapaper on your computer, it may help to select the “printable view” of a web page before saving. I learned the hard way when I saved an article and only the comments showed up in Instapaper’s text only view.

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