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No Teleprompter? No problem.

18 Jul

Who needs expensive teleprompter setups when you can create a mini-teleprompter with your iPhone?

The ProPrompter app from Bodelin Technologies works with both the iPhone and iPod Touch. Scripts are inserted using the ProPrompter script management website, which users can access after purchasing the app.

The iPhone as a prompter could prove useful for reporters shooting standups or liveshots in the field, especially those wanting to avoid fumbling with papers.

The ProPrompter app is currently selling for $10. The company also offers gadgets to make your iPhone prompter even better. At $130, the ProPrompter Wing is an attachment for your camera which secures the iPhone alongside the lens, for easy reading.


ProPrompter Wing. Original image at

The ProMag attachment (shown below) is a little more complex. It’s a lens hood/mirror system that allows you to use your iPhone more like a traditional teleprompter, with the words appearing in the lens. It includes a magnifier, so you can see your script bigger and clearer. It’s also about $1,000.

ProMag. Original image at

Reporting LIVE…From Your Phone

13 Jul

If you’re out in the field without the luxury of a working satellite box, there’s another way you can go live:

Qik allows you to stream live video footage on the Web from your phone.  The Qik software you download to your phone enables you to send video you record on your phone to the Qik servers.

You can embed your Qik “channel” on virtually any website or connect it to your accounts on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

And it’s not just for the iPhone. Qik is compatible with more than 140 mobile devices, including the Blackberry.

The quality of the streamed video at this point isn’t the greatest, but it’s definitely a start.

Live Blogging…a New Way to Cover Breaking News

10 Jul

One feature that appears to be popular on some news sites is live blogging.

It’s just one more way to give news audiences that immediacy they crave. And Cover It Live makes it possible.

Cover It Live is a free Web tool that allows you to blog about an event as it happens. You can embed the blog onto your organization’s website, so your online readers can view it directly.

Demo from Cover It Live site

Many news organizations are already using Cover It Live, including the BBC and ESPN.

The blogs are highly customizable and in addition to text, you can also post photos, stream video and do instant polls.

Once the event is finished, your blog can be turned into a replay, so later visitors to your site can watch it too.

You also have the option to authorize more than one contributor to the blog. Sky News did that with several of its reporters during the G20 summit in London last year. See example here.