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Panoramas on Your iPhone!

If you’re an iPhone user looking for a quick and easy way to create a panorama, Pano is your answer.

The app from Debacle Software allows you to create a 360 degree panoramic image using up to 16 photos. It also has a guide to help you line up your shots.

Pano is available onĀ Apple’s App Store for just $2.99. Apple named Pano one of the best apps of last year.

The panoramas save directly to your iPhone’s camera roll. The program can also be used on the iPad and iPod touch.

Creating 360 Degree Panoramas for FREE…

You don’t have to dig into your paycheck or your organization’s budget to create quality interactive panoramas.

Without access to expensive photo-stitching programs, you can find several free onlineĀ programs for building panoramas, including those super-cool, 3D virtual-tour types.

Two sites I came across for creating panoramas are Dermandar and Clevr.

Here’s an example from Dermandar:

The steps are simple. Using your digital camera or even your phone camera, take a sequence of photos in a 360 degree rotation, making sure to overlap about 25 percent of the landscape from the previous photo in each photo you take. Either turn your camera on a tripod or move your body around the camera, but whatever you do, make sure the camera is rotating in place. Try to keep the camera level.

Then upload the photos to either Dermandar or Clevr, and they will automatically create your panorama by reading the overlapping parts. The Clevr stitcher application must be downloaded and installed, while Dermandar requires no installation.

Both sites allow you to embed your panoramas into your blog or website.

Check back soon to see what I come up with when I put these programs to the test!